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Layout GUI built on the fly - A GUI description languageΒΆ

This is the key of the mask widget and is really what makes writing a layout with SqlMask so easy.

If you know what glade or other gui builder are, think at this part as the “markup sistem” for html language.

Using this description language to define a layout we try to use as little writing as possible, we are asking sqlkit to guess all the properties that it can from the name.

What can be guessed? A lot!!!

Imagine you have a table with movies, and a field is title, anoter is director_id. The database knows that the first on is a varchar and the second is a foreign key. It can guess how you will want to represent it so that you will just need to you thei’re name in drawing the layout:

title  director_id

The biggest gain we have when setting Relationships between tables.

The code of the layout package and probably the definition of the language itself is deemed to be rewritten, as was the first step into python in 2005, but it proved to behave well in these years. After looking at te ReST markup syntax I am tempted to rewrite the language in a simpler way.